New site, new year, and new me

Welcome back! I have missed blogging and so happy to be back doing something I love. As the title notes this is a “new site, new year, and new me”. I have gone through a ton of changes over the last few months (none of them planned) and have finally settled into my new “home base” and today starts a new year for me. I say “home base” because I plan to do some traveling and now am conveniently located to at least 5 major airports. My motto is “have passport and will travel”. Let me say how much cheaper flights and more convenient when you live near so many airports and the train station. Yes, the train station is nearly at my back door. Now don’t worry I won’t be abandoning the United States just yet. I still have 14 states to cross off on my running goal.

I won’t bore you with all the life changes (divorce, quit job, new house, lost weight, etc.) but I think I pretty much hit all of the major life changes in the matter of 6 months. I will be migrating some things over from my old site because I did have a some good times over there and don’t want to forget about them but the new site is going to focus solely on my travels with some running. After all I really started my traveling because I wanted to run a half marathon in each state before I turn 50. Have no fear I am still on a trajectory to finish that goal. The next goal will be to run a half marathon on each continent. I already can cross off Australia.

I am newly single and ready for some great new adventures. Traveling solo will be an adventure in itself. It will be fun for a while until I can convince some of my friends to join me on trips. If anything the last few months have taught me when you are handed lemons turn them into lemonade.  Lemonade has become my new drink of choice.

Hope you are ready for some adventures. I know I am.




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