Picking a travel destination

Picking a travel destination can be a hard thing to do sometimes but doesn’t have to be a stressful thing. Here are a few simple tips when picking a destination:

  1. It doesn’t have to be some exotic location. Sometimes the best hidden gems are merely a car ride away. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive.
  2. Use the internet to research destinations. Find “Top 10 Lists” or “Best Destinations To Visit”. There are tons of great travel bloggers (theblondeabroad, Adventurous Kate) that have a fantastic social media presence. I always get great travel ideas when I see some of the pictures they post. I also love this book.Snip20170325_14
  3. Create and pick a place from a bucket list. We all have places and things that we want to visit or do. Every time you say “If I could go here someday, I would” put it on the list. Now make it a point to go there. Don’t live your life with “should of, could of, would of”.
  4. Don’t be afraid to pick a destination and go solo! There is nothing wrong with putting on a backpack and going on an adventure.
  5. Once you pick a destination, try to do things that are a little uncommon. It is easy to stick to the “touristy” stuff but sometimes it is fun to just make your own itinerary and live a little. Don’t be afraid!