Must Do’s

Everyone has the “Must-Do” list of things that you want to do before you die. I like to let these adventures guide me in picking a destination to travel to. It is good to have purpose sometimes, although wandering sometimes is a good way to travel. I have been fortunate that I have done a few already but here is my current list of things to do (in no particular order):

  1. Work an Olympics
  2. Run a race on each continent
  3. Northern Lights (Iceland)
  4. Drive around Greece: Rented scooters for tour around Mykonos and Santorini
  5. Run with the bulls (Spain)
  6. Visit every Disney Park (Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Orlando, California)
  7. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
  8. Visit the place of the first Olympics (Greece): Actaully did a lap around the track and walked the halls of the stadium.
  9. Celebrate New Years Eve in Australia
  10. Alaskan cruise
  11. Circle the globe in one trip
  12. Yacht Week (Greece)
  13. Ride the London Eye at Night (England)
  14. Eat pizza in Italy
  15. Skydive
  16. Mojito and cigar in Cuba
  17. Camel ride
  18. Surf in Mexico
  19. Hike the Falls of Taveuni (Fiji)
  20. Carriage ride (Kraków, Poland)
  21. Drive across the country in an RV
  22. Carnivale in Rio

What are some of your must do’s?